November LEADERS of the Month

November LEADERS of the Month
Posted on 11/01/2022
"Be the kind of leader you would follow"


The November Leader of the Month for room 141 is David Haggard. David is a gentleman. He is kind, trustworthy, and considerate of others. David works hard each day at school. He always turns in his best work and takes the time to figure out things that are difficult for him. Thank you for being a true Hatton Hero, David. Keep up the great work!

Our November Leader of the Month in room 217 is Kaelyn Knotts. Kaelyn is always ready to help her classmates. She is an amazing role model because she does the right thing even when no one is watching. She is kind, friendly and accepting of all. She includes everyone and makes them feel like they belong. She gets all of her work done on time, every time. She is truly a great example of a leader. 


Kindergarten Room 128

I am happy to announce that Caden Vani is our November Leader of the Month! Caden is a sweet and caring student who always puts forth his best effort. He comes to school every day with a smile on his face, and is ready to learn. He uses good manners and kind words in class, too. He listens, follows directions, and is polite and respectful. He is a Hatton Leader because he always makes good choices! He is “Responsible, Respectful, and Safe” ! I am so proud of Caden...and so happy to have him in our class!

Mrs. Hardman

Room 138’s has so many Leaders, but this month our leader is Lucy Baker. Lucy is on time, she always makes good choices, she is polite, respectful, and this leader makes it a point to make sure any and all of her work is turned in and on time. 

Lucy is an excellent leader and I am so glad she is in our room.

Mrs. Clifford

I am so happy to announce that Lyra Carvallo is Room 127’s November Leader of the Month. Lyra is a kind and caring student who always tries her best. She comes to school each day with a smile on her face, and is eager to learn. She uses good manners and kind words with her classmates and in class.She listens, follows directions, is polite and respectful. She is “Responsible, Respectful and Safe” ! We are so happy to have Lyra in our class! Congratulations Lyra!

Mrs. Handel

Kindergarten Room 129

I am happy to announce that Jordyn Carreker is our November Leader of the Month! Jordyn is a sweet and caring young lady who always tries her best. She comes to school every day with a smile on her face, and is ready to learn. She is very polite and uses kind words in class. She listens, follows directions, and always gets her work done correctly and neatly!  She is a True Hatton Leader because she always makes good choices!  I am so proud of Jordyn and so happy to have her in our class!

Love, Mrs. Covey

The Leader of the Month in Room 137 is Nevaeh Perry. Nevaeh is such a respectful and responsible scholar. She works hard every day and takes her time with each assignment. Nevaeh is a good friend to others and treats everyone with respect and kindness. As a true Hatton Hero does, Nevaeh makes good choices day in and day out. She can be counted on to be a good helper to her teacher and friends as well. I am very proud of Nevaeh and am glad she is a part of our classroom!

Raelee Little is room 208’s student leader!  She is kind and always willing to help other students.  Raelee works hard on all of her work.  Her focus during class leads to her excellent grades! She is proactive.  She keeps her desk organized.  Mrs. Maxwell and Ms. Bolyard are glad Raelee is a part of our third grade class! 

Room 209’s November leader is Navarone Smith.  Navorone demonstrates Hatton leadership in so many ways.  He is a hardworking student as well as a kind and caring classmate. Navarone is trustworthy, responsible and respectful. Everyday we look forward to Navarone’s smile and positive attitude.

The Leader of the Month for room 210 is Diamond Mills. Diamond treats everyone with respect and kindness. In addition to her good character, Diamond works hard in the classroom.  She is focused and stays on task.  Her work is always completed on time, and shows she has given it 100% effort.  Congratulations Diamond!

Congratulations to Kendal Barlow for earning November’s title of Leader of the Month for room 221. Kendal is doing a great job with Habit #7…putting first things first. She works hard on her list of priorities in class and turns her assignments in right on time. Kendal is a friend to all and always willing to help out. Way to be a 5th grade leader, Kendal!!       ~Ms. Markovic

We are so pleased to announce that Irie Calfee is Room 133’s LEADER of the month! Irie is very responsible and shows this by doing the work that is asked of her and learning as much as she can from it. She shows she is respectful by always following classroom and school rules. She is a good friend to others. Lastly, Irie makes safe choices and is an excellent example for other students in our class. Way to go, Irie! 

I am happy to announce that room 135’s Leader of the Month is King Feaster! King comes to school ready to learn and is always responsible for his work and learning! He asks questions and participates in lessons, trying his very best and it shows! King is kind and respectful to his friends and teachers and helps to remind others of classroom rules! King also makes safe choices and 

helps around the room (even when no one is looking!) King shows what it means to be a true Hatton Leader and I am very happy to have him as part of my class! :)




I would like to recognize Dakota Kingan as student of the month in Room 223.  Dakota always shows how responsible she is by always turning in her school work on time.  She is always respectful to peers as well as adults and couldn’t be any kinder to anyone she meets.  Dakota is an amazing example of someone who lives by the PBIS rules to be responsible, respectful, and 

safe.   -Miss Bialota

The November Leader of the Month in 

Room 126 is Bella Vanarsdale.  She treats her classmates with kindness.  Bella is respectful,  responsible and safe too!

       We are so proud of you.

           Congratulations Bella  ~  Mrs. Bregar   


Room 212’s Student of the Month is Jayson Bryant. Jayson has shown responsibility and respect by following directions, taking care of his things, going with the flow, and being always ready to learn! He has set a good example of Being Proactive for others in the classroom. We are proud of you, Jayson, keep it up!

-Ms. Bonkoski, “Miss. B”

Graham Datsko- Lansginger is room 211’s student of the month! Graham treats everyone with kindness and respect. He comes to school prepared to learn each and every day, always having done his homework. In class he listens and follows directions the first time, and makes sure that all of his work is turned in on time. He takes great care of the classroom helping to make sure materials stay organized and clean. Graham strives to live by the PBIS expectations while at school and takes pride in making proactive decisions. Congratulations, Graham!

  • Ms. Albaugh 

Miles Lute is the November leader of the month in room 134. Miles is a hard worker, he listens and follows directions the first time. He is eager to learn and to help out. He comes to school prepared each day. He is an excellent example of what a Hatton Hero is! He is always respectful, responsible and safe! Keep up the great work, Miles!

-Mrs. Keen

The leader of the month for room 139 is Maya Moss.  Maya works hard each and every day.  I can always count on her to complete her work neatly and accurately.  She follows all classroom and school rules.  She is a friend to all other students.  Keep up the great work, Maya!  I am so proud of you!

-Mrs. Burley

Congratulations to Ella Simon, our November Leader of the Month in room 222. Ella displays many wonderful Hatton PBIS Leadership qualities. She is respectful, responsible, cheerful and a pleasure to be around! She has demonstrated a real focus on her learning and her effort has paid off with increased success. She is always willing to help her teacher and classmates. We are fortunate to have your example in our Learning Community. Ella . . . well done!

Mrs. Mitchell

Congratulations to Samantha Archual who is room 220’s November leader of the month! Sammie is respectful, responsible and a great leader! She works hard on all the work that is given to her and asks questions when she needs help! She follows school rules and our classroom rules everyday. I can count on her to always be doing the right thing at the right time! Thank you for being YOU Sammie! I am so lucky to have you in my class!     :) Mrs. Parker

I am so excited to announce that Naomi Burkhardt is the LEADER OF THE MONTH for #219! Naomi is always helpful, respectful, and kind to teachers and peers.  She makes good choices and gives her best effort in all that she does. Naomi is trustworthy and a great friend to all. CONGRATS Naomi, keep being a great leader!

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