February Students of the Month

Posted on 02/11/2019
Students of the Month

February Students of the Month

Congratulations to our February Students of the Month!

We are so proud of you.

Cullen McKeel is Room 208’s student of the month for February!  Cullen comes to school every day ready to work! He completes his homework and classwork on time.  He participates in class all the time and follows directions. He is always willing to help and does a great job of reminding me of what needs to be done!   He has kept our flashcards for hallway practice all year! Cullen is an awesome example of a Hatton Hero.

Tyler Archual is Room 141’s student of the month for February!  Tyler is kind and considerate to everyone in the class.  He is always thinking and eager to participate in classroom discussions.  He makes connections to previous learning and shares his ideas with the class.  When something is difficult for him, he finds the strength to keep working. This is what being a Hatton Hero is all about!  Keep it up Tyler!

Our Student of the Month in room 222 is Adrianna Eleo. She is a hard working student who shows up daily ready to learn. Adrianna engages thoughtfully when participating in class and is willing to help others. She is a responsible and trusted student leader. Her persistence and grit make her an excellent role model. On the lighter side she is witty and has a wonderful smile. I’m so pleased to have Adrianna in room 222. She has a bright future ahead of her!

Ella Ingham is the Student of the month in Miss Bialota’s class.  Her quest for learning, dedication to hard work and and her spirit of volunteerism are just a few of the things that make Ella special and unique.  She is positive and tries to see the best in others and always quick to share a smile with others. Way to go Ella!

Room 126 February’s student of the month is Annabelle Lewis.  Anna is such a responsible person.  She is always willing to help others.  She will accompany students to the office or other destinations so her friends don’t get lost, help classmates with their seatwork or loan them materials to complete their work, and  Anna also helps her classmates with the computers. She also helps me in the class. Anna is more than willing to help pick up trash, empty the table trash cans, pass out or collect papers, help with the lunch count, and straighten chairs.  She has even stayed after school on both party days to help me clean the room. Way to go Anna! You make school better for room 126.

I am happy to announce that Chance Prather is Room 138’s  Student of the Month for February. Chance is dependable and trustworthy. He is eager to learn new things and always tries his best. Chance is kind to his classmates and helpful to anyone needing help. We are lucky that he is part of our class.  Congratulations!

   Mrs. Courtheyn

Liam Lindesmith is room 210’s student of the month for February!  Liam is a hard worker. He is always on task. He is a wonderful helper to anyone needing help.  He enthusiastically shares his knowledge with others. He is wonderful to have in class. Congratulations Liam!

Room 129’s and 127’s students of the month are the twins, Kathryn and Evelyn Sullivan-Doerfler.  Even though Mr. Gymsox calls them double trouble, they are definitely not!  Both girls are very kind, caring and helpful young ladies. They come to school happy and eager to learn. They both are members of the homework club because they have not missed an assignment all year!  They love being together and will try to alternate days so that they can both be in Mrs. Seitz’s room or in Mrs. Covey’s for math and activity time. They are double the fun to have in our classes.

Olivia Jones is room 139’s February Student of the Month.  Olivia comes to school every day excited and ready to learn.  She always tries her best. She is helpful to her classmates and follows classroom and school rules.

Congratulations Olivia!

Mckhai Thompson is the Student of the Month from Room128. Mckhai is a wonderful student and a friend to all of his classmates. He comes to school with a smile on his face and is ready to learn. Mckhai follows directions and sets a wonderful  example of good behavior in our room. He uses good manners, too, and does his best work every day. We are so happy to have Mckhai in Room 128!

Gauge Spurgeon is the Room 220 Hatton Hero for February. Gauge has come such a long way this year. He comes to school eager to learn. He is respectful and works hard every day. He turns in his homework and listens intently during class. His attitude and work ethic make him a student anyone can be proud of. Way to go, Gauge!

Congratulations to Jack Rauscher for being nominated for February’s Student of the Month! Jack was voted as being the most TRUSTWORTHY student in the classroom. He consistently shows his trustworthiness by always telling the truth in all situations. If Jack says that he is going to do something, he delivers on his promise. Jack always comes to school prepared and willing to learn new things. We are so happy to have Jack in our class this year!

Gracie Carbery is the Student of the Month for Room 135!  Gracie comes to school every day with a smile on her face and ready to learn!  Gracie is a great friend to her classmates and is always willing to help them. Gracie is a hard worker and I can count on her to have her homework turned in on time every day.  Congratulations Gracie! Keep up the great work!

Logan Otto is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Lance’s class, Room 223! Logan comes to school every day with a positive attitude, a smile on his face, and is ready to learn new things.  Logan always puts forth his best effort and participates in class each day. He is a reliable friend that is respectful and responsible. Keep it up Logan, you’re an outstanding student!  

Yizel Valadez

Yizel is an exceptional student.  She is our only Super Honor Roll student for second quarter from Room 219 and is consistently a wonderful roll model for her classmates.  She is always prepared, pleasant, and ready to learn. Congratulations Yizel and keep up the exceptional work!

Congrats to Miss Cara Breiding for representing room 221 for February’s Student of the Month! Cara is a mentor, scholar, hard worker, and dependable friend. She can always be counted on. Watch out, though...Cara is a beast when it comes to winning any sort of contest! That girl has got great drive. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments in 5th grade, Cara. Keep it up!!

~Mrs. Markovic

Izabel Barboza is the Student of the Month for Room 137.

She arrives each day with a wonderful smile and ready

to learn.  We are so lucky to have such a kind, thoughtful, and hardworking student in our classroom.  

I am so proud of you!

~ Mrs. Bregar


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