End Of The Year Activities

Posted on 04/30/2019
End Of The Year Activities We are approaching the end of the school year! It has been a great year at Hatton CLC!  The end of the year is always full of fun activities.  Here are some of the dates for the end of the year activities at Hatton CLC.  Please follow the dates and times provided by the classroom teacher incase anything changes.  More information will be provided by the classroom teacher.  Please direct any questions to the classroom teacher.  This schedule is meant to just give you a basic outline of events happening.  

May 1st- 5th Grade to the zoo.
May 3rd- Mrs. Common's class Hiking and Picnic
May 10th- Mrs. Common's class to zoo
May 13th Mrs. Commons Class to Art Sparks Performance 
               5th Grade Middle School Visit
May 14th 3rd Grade Room 208 to Theatre.
May 16th 3rd Grade Rooms 209 and 210 to Theatre.
               PTA BOOK FAIR Grades K-5
May 17th  PTA BOOK FAIR Grades K-5.
               Kindergarten to Zoo
               Mrs. Common's Class for Icecream
May 20th 5th Bowling
May 21st  First Grade for Icecream
               2nd Grade Watch Irish Dance
               3rd Grade Multiplication Facts Icecream Party
May 22     1st Grade for Icecream
               5th Grade Dance
               Mrs. Common's Classroom Awards
May 23     1st Grade for Icecream 
               4th Math Fact Pizza Party
               5th Grade Baseball Game
               Mrs. Harrison's Classroom Awards
May 24-    Field Day Grades K-5
May 28    2nd Grade to Library
May 29    K picnic on playground
               1st picnic on playground
               2nd Marble Museum presentation
               2nd picnic at school
               3rd Library presentation
               4th Fun Day playground
               5th Graduation Breakfast
               5th Grade Graduation
May 30- Third grade Picnic Playground
May 30-  Kindergarten Graduation

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