January/February Students of the Month

Posted on 01/28/2020
Students of the Month

     January/ February student of the month

I would like to nominate Annie Turnbull for room 129’s January/February student of the month.  Annie comes to school every day with a smile on her face and ready to learn.  She is very kind and considerate to her classmates and is always willing to help a friend in need.  Annie is always prepared and gives 100%. She is a pleasure to have in class. She is a true Hatton Hero!!  Mrs. Covey Miss Thomas

I would like to nominate Alayah Geer for the student of the month in room 127.  Alayah comes to school each day with a smile on her face and a hug for the teacher. Alayah always has her homework and is ready to learn. She is ready to help the teacher or others at any time and has a very kind heart. Alayah follows all of the school rules and is a great Hatton Hero. I am so glad that Alayah is a part of our classroom.  From Mrs. Seitz

Student of the Month in room 222 is Yizel Valadez-Cabrera. She is an exemplary student who is helpful, respectful, responsible and kind. She is here every day ready to learn and participates thoughtfully in class and in completing her assignments. It is a pleasure to know and work with Yizel. She is a young lady of great character and her future is bright! Congratulations from Mrs. Mitchell.

Londynn Hoffman is Room 138’s Student of the Month for January!  She comes to school every day ready to work hard.   She completes her homework and classwork on time. She makes sure her assignments are done correctly demonstrating maximum effort every time.  She participates in class and follows directions. She brightens my morning by giving me a hug! Londynn is an awesome example of a Hatton Hero.

January’s Student of the Month for room 135 is A’Nyla Brown.  A’Nyla comes to school every day ready to learn.  She is a hard, quiet worker and follows directions and the class and school rules.  A’Nyla is a good friend to her classmates and always has a smile on her face! Keep up the great work A”Nyla!    Mrs. Mair

Layla Sanderfur is our student of the month for January and February.  She is an amazing girl and a positive light in our classroom.  Despite being in gifted classes and having more responsibilities academically, Layla always works hard and completes her work for both classes on time.  She is very conscientious and always thinks about others in all that she does. We love having Layla as part of the Room 223 family.

I am proud to say that 209’s January/February Student of the Month is Titus Burkhardt. Titus’ classmates voted him as the most RESPONSIBLE student in our class. Titus is an example of an outstanding student. He always tries his best and constantly wants to improve and do well. His classmates wrote: “Titus turns in his homework and he is kind,” “He always does the right thing,” and “He does the stuff he is supposed to do.” Way to go Titus! We are so happy to have you in our class! 

-Ms. Lugenbeal 

I am proud to select Aboodi Abdeljawad as the January/February Student of the Month for room 130. Aboodi always has a positive attitude and comes to school ready to learn. He is kind to his classmates and teachers. He loves to share and is always considerate of his peers. Congratulations Aboodi! I am so proud of you! -Mrs. Essandoh 

Room 40’s Top Student of the Month is Robert Van Winkle.  Mr. Van Winkle has many talents. He is a lover of poetry.  When the class starts to get a little stressed out, he often entertains us with his break-dancing moves. Mr. Van Winkle likes to tackle projects and he is always asking if he can remodel the classroom. Finally, whenever there’s a problem, he’s the first to say “I’ll solve it.”  Not only does he confidently solve it, he provides his own DJ to spin infectious hooks for our enjoyment.

I am happy to announce that Michael Stephens is our Student of the Month for January/February. Michael is a wonderful example of a Hatton Hero. He is respectful and responsible. He works hard, and put forth his best effort at school. Michael is always willing to help his teacher and classmates. He uses good manners and kind words, too, and is a friend to everyone. I am so proud of Michael; and we are all glad that he is in our class! 

I am so happy to nominate Grayson Singleton as room 126’s January/February Student of the Month. Grayson comes to school every day with a smile on his face, ready to learn. He is kind and considerate to his classmates. Grayson is prepared, conscientious and always tries his best. We are happy that Grayson is in our class!

Congratulations Grayson!

-Mrs. Handel

The January student of the month for Room 210 is Bennett Timbrook.

Bennett is kind, and considerate, and he has a great work ethic.  He always makes sure his work is completed, and never complains about having too much homework.  He is a conscientious student and friend. He lets me know if he forgot something, or if something didn’t get done.  His conscientiousness extends to his classmates, often expressing feelings and concerns for them, and is the first to congratulate other students for their success. Bennett is a pleasure to teach, and an example of a true Hatton Hero! 

The student of the month for room 221 is Bobbie Nave. Bobbie is a natural leader that thrives when given responsibility. She is a very hard worker and does not ever give up! Bobbie is a friend to all and works hard to include everyone. I am so proud of Bobbie and what an accomplished student, leader, and friend she has become. It is an honor to have her in our class! Keep it up, Bobbie:)

~Mrs. Markovic

I am happy to nominate Mason Coleman as room 139’s student of the month.  Mason is a very hard worker. He is pleasant to be around, kind, and very helpful.  It is a true pleasure to have Mason in our room and at Hatton CLC.

-Mrs. Burley

I would like to nominate Watson Fairfax as room 134’s student of the month.  Watson is a hard worker. He is so kind and generous.  He is helpful to others. He has a lovely smile and a great sense of humor.  He is such a pleasure to have in class. He is a great example of a Hatton Hero.

-Mrs. Keen

The Room 330 Student of the Month is Austin Vargo. Austin works hard to complete his assignments accurately and on time. He does  and his homework every night and shows responsibility by being prepared for school every day. He is kind to others and he is pleasant to be around. We are fortunate to have Austin in our class.

Mrs. Perge

I am happy to nominate Peyton Johnson as Room 137’s student of the month.  Peyton arrives each day with a beautiful smile and ready to  do her best. She is such joy to have in our class.

Congratulations Peyton !!  

~Mrs. Bregar

The January/February student of the month in room 208 is Sydney Lutz!  Sydney is a hard worker in our room.  She always gives her best effort on her assignments.  I can count on her to be a leader in the classroom. She is reliable, and does her classroom job everyday without being reminded.  She is happy to offer help to anyone who is in need. We are glad that Sydney is a member of our classroom.

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