March Students Of The Month

Posted on 03/06/2020

  March Students of the Month

Joey Rauscher is the Student of the month in Room 223 for the month of March.  Joey greets everyone every morning with a smile and a story. He is the first to volunteer to help with anything and it doesn’t matter if it is picking up trash, working with a peer, or helping someone carry something if he sees them struggling.  He is a kind young man and is truly a ray of light in our classroom. Thank you Joey for always being there.

Keagen Thill is the Student of the month for room 141.  Keagen has worked very hard to reach both personal and academic goals this school year.  He is proving to be a model student in the classroom. He is following directions the first time and is working to turn in all work to the best of his ability.  I am so proud of the growth Keagen has made this school year and look forward to seeing what he can do by the end of 2nd grade. Great job Keagen!  

I am happy to announce that Elena Moss is the Student of the Month for Room 128. Elena is a wonderful kindergartner! She came to Hatton in November, quickly learning our routine and showing all of us that she already knew how to be a Hatton Hero. She comes to school everyday with a smile on her face, and is ready and eager to learn. She is respectful and responsible. She works hard and puts forth her best effort at school. Elena is always willing to help her teacher and her classmates. She uses kind words and good manners, too; and she is a friend to everyone. I am so proud of Elena; and we are all glad to have her in our class!

Hazel Barrett is the March student of the month for room 134.  Hazel is a pleasant and hard working student. She is kind to others and always willing to help.  She comes to school each day ready to learn. She is responsible and respectful. She is everything that a Hatton Hero should be.  I am so proud of her. Congratulations Hazel!

-Mrs. Keen

I would like to nominate Zeriah Townsend as room 129’s student of the month for March.  Zeriah comes to school happy, eager, ready to work and learn every day. She has worked extremely hard and has grown so much since the beginning of the school year.  She is always kind and a friend to everyone. She always completes all of her work neatly and correctly, and always has her homework. She is a happy young lady and a pleasure to have in our class.  

Mrs. Covey

Congratulations to Alyena Poling as room 127’s student of the month. Alyena comes to school happy, eager and ready to learn each day. She works extremely hard and turns in beautiful work. Alyena is always a part of our 100% homework club.  She is nice and respectful and a friend to everyone. Alyena truly loves school and I am so glad to have her in my classroom.

Mrs. Seitz

Congratulations to the room 222 Student of the Month for March - David Williams! David is such a kind and helpful student who sets a great example for others on being a good citizen in our Hatton Community. He strives to meet expectations in the classroom and school. David is a hard worker who focuses on his learning, asks questions, and is respectful. We are proud to have David in the Room 222 learning community. Well done David!!!

For the month of March, Josalyn Little was chosen to be Student of the Month by her peers. Our character trait of the month is SAFE. As stated by other students, Josalyn shows she is a safe student by “not jumping down the stairs,” and “not tipping back in her chair.”  She is also a very helpful, kind, and sweet student.  

Room 217’s Student of the Month for March is Jack Rauscher.  Jack is a dependable student who always does his homework. He is a leader in the classroom both academically and socially.    He makes good choices for himself even if others around him don’t. Jack is not afraid to let others know that sometimes better decisions and responses exist.  We are a lucky classroom to have Jack. Thank you Jack for all that you do!

Room 139’s Student of the Month for March is Gracie Carbery.  Gracie is a very hard worker. She is pleasant to be around. She is kind to everyone and is always willing to help.  It is a true pleasure to have Gracie in our room and at Hatton CLC.

-Mrs. Burley

I am so happy to nominate Raelee Little as room 126’s March Student of the Month. Raelee comes to school ready to learn each day. She  works hard and always tries her best. She is always kind and friendly to everyone. She completes her classwork neatly and accurately. We are so glad that Raelee is in our class.

Mrs. Handel

The Top Student of the Month in Room 40 for March goes to Marshall Mathers!  Despite dealing with many personal struggles in the past, Marshall has really learned how to make lemonade from those lemons!  On a recent testing day, Marshall’s palms were sweaty, knees weak, and his arms were heavy. He even had vomit on his shirt already (mom’s spaghetti).  He was so nervous and when asked if he wanted to go home, his response was: “Look, If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it or just let it slip?” Well that response just blew the class away, and that’s our Marshall.

He approaches every test as if it was his only shot and he is not going to miss his chance to show his skills on this opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.  His words continue to inspire us all in the classroom and beyond! 

Congratulations to Elise Newman for being the March student of the month! Elise has made significant improvements in her classroom focus. She is also making excellent progress on her IEP goals. Elsie comes to school each day smiling and excited to learn. I’m proud to be your teacher Elise! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Max Burns for being Room 138’s Student of the Month!  He is such a hard worker and always tries to do his best. He is helpful to other students.  He even brought in supplies for a classmate who was in need. He is kind to his classmates and a very nice boy!  I enjoy hearing his stories he shares with me. He is a great example of a Hatton Hero!

Chris Lee is Room 137’s Student of the Month.  He has really stepped up in following directions and helping others out.  I am very proud of him. Mrs. Bregar

Samantha Archual is Room 135’s March Student of the Month!  Samantha always follows the school rules and is a great friend to her classmates.  Samantha works hard and if she doesn’t understand something she is not afraid to ask for help.  Great Job Samantha and continue to be a Hatton Hero!

Mrs. Mair

J’Movian Palmer is the March student of the month for room 210.  J’Movian is a polite and friendly young man, as well as a hard worker.  His interim report card boasts all A’s, evidence of how hard he works in class.  J’Movian has also proven to be an asset when working in a cooperative group. Congratulations J’Movian!

Mrs. Espe

Natalie Potts is our Room 220 student of the month for March. Natlie is kind and helpful to other students. She is excited about learning and loves school. She is a hard worker and always on task. Natalie is truly a Hatton Hero and a great example for others. We are fortunate to have her in our class.

Mrs. Perge

Hallie Malcolm is the March student of the month in room 208!  Hallie is a hard working student that always tries her best in all that she does.  When others are distracted I can always count on Hallie to do the right thing. She has done an excellent job reading books, especially books about dogs!  Hallie is kind and respectful. We are lucky to have her in our 3rd grade classroom!

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