February Students Of The Month

Posted on 02/01/2021


Mrs. Perge 

Kennedy Carmel is our February Virtual Student of the Month. Kennedy has excelled in the virtual classroom. She is on time every day, she participates, and completes all assignments. Kennedy is supportive of other students and always strives to do her best. We are indeed fortunate that Kennedy is part of our virtual world.

Mrs. Nelson- I would like to nominate Ryatt Leib as the February virtual student of the month for our 2nd grade class. Ryatt is kind to others during our google meets. He listens to others and responds thoughtfully. He is working hard to keep up with his assignments and learn the information presented virtually. Keep up the good work, Ryatt!

Ms. Lugenbeal 

I am so pleased to nominate Max Burns as the February Virtual Student of the Month for our third grade class. Max has really stepped up this year in the virtual learning environment. He completes all assignments and even some early. Max also loves to participate in class discussions and is excellent at being our "class teacher" during math. Max has become an outstanding classmate and helping hand to others during this time. Continue to shine and be a leader, Max! 

Miss Korinek

I would like to  nominate Aboodi Abdeljawad as the February Virtual Student of the month. Aboodi has been working extremely hard in the virtual classroom! He attends every meet and completes all of his assignments with great effort. He is a joy to have in class and always has a positive attitude that radiates to other students. I am so proud of you Aboodi! Keep up the good work!

Abilgale Torres-Miller is Room 223’s Student of the Month.  Abigale is always upbeat and helps to set a positive tone for learning in our classroom!  She is always kind to others and thinks of others often.  Abilgale always participates in class and works well with peers.  Abigale is always quick to volunteer or say a kind word.  She is a truly kind, special and sweet person.  We are proud she is our Student of the Month.

Mrs. Lance #219

I am excited to announce that Sydney Lutz is the Student of the Month for Room #219! Sydney is an extremely dedicated student that always shows up on time and ready to learn. She is kind, respectful, and considerate  of other students and teachers.  Sydney always puts in her best effort to complete her assignments.  She is a role model and I am so proud of her. Way to go, Sydney!

Mrs. Seitz  #127

I am pleased to announce that Brooklyn Beck has been chosen as the February Student of the Month for Mrs. Seitz’s kindergarten class.  Brooklyn has proven to be a model student.  She comes to our meet on time each day with a smile on her face and ready to learn.  Brooklyn is always attentive, eager to participate and ready to respond.  I can tell that she is completing the work as we do the activities together.  Brooklyn has a positive attitude and I can count on her to put forth her best effort.  I am so glad that she is a part of my class.  Keep up the excellent attitude Brooklyn!

Mrs. Handel  #126

I am so happy to announce that Aubrey Cothran has been chosen as the February Student of the Month for Mrs. Handel’s Kindergarten class. Aubrey is an enthusiastic learner and always tries her best. She comes to our class meet, with a smile on her face, ready to learn. Aubrey participates in all of our lessons. Aubrey is kind to her classmates. She listens and shares thoughtfully. We are so happy to have Aubrey in our class.

Congratulations Aubrey!   

Mrs. Hardman #128

I am happy to announce that Artemi Sinditski is our February Student of the Month! Artie has so much enthusiasm! He has many interests, and loves sharing his knowledge with the class. He has a wonderful positive attitude, and always puts forth his best effort.  He comes to school everyday ready to learn, and participates eagerly. He always completes his work, and has turned in 100% of our homework assignments. Artie uses good manners and kind words in class, too.  He sets a wonderful example to his classmates during online learning. I am so proud of Artie! I can’t wait to work with him in person when we return to school!

Mrs. Covey #129
I am pleased to announce that Landon Siers has been chosen as the February Student of the Month for room 129’s kindergarten classroom.  Landon is a true example of a Hatton Hero.  He comes to our class meet on time each day with a smile on his face and eager to learn. In fact, Landon has perfect attendance!  Landon is always attentive, eager to participate and ready to learn. He completes all of his school assignments and has turned in 100% of his homework!  Landon is very kind and always uses his best manners.  He has a positive attitude and I can always count on him to put forth his best effort.  I am so glad that he is a part of our class.

Congratulations to Bentley Fairfax for earning her way to represent our class as February’s Student of the Month. I am so very proud of Bentley for her continued drive and constant motivation throughout this school year. She is kind and thoughtful to her classmates and her teacher....always laughing at my silly jokes! Thanks for all you do Bentley. Your participation, drawings, ornaments, notes in the chat, Harry Potter memorabilia, silly faces and insight into what we are learning sure make you a super star! Congrats, Bentley!!   ~Mrs. Markovic

Mrs. Maxwell’s student of the Month  for February is Liam Tanner.  Liam is a hardworking student.  I can always count on him to complete all of his assignments with his best effort.  He is a great writer.  I love to read his stories.  He is kind and patient with his classmates.  He is always on time to class and stays on task.  Room 208 is lucky to have such a kind, responsible boy in our virtual classroom! 

Mrs. Bregar# 137 

Mrs. Bregar’s  February Student of the Month is Taron Green.   Taron is Hatton Hero.  Each day arrives with a great attitude,  wonderful manners, and eager to learn.  We are very lucky to have  him in our class. I am so proud of him!  Congratulations Taron!!


Mrs. Burley - I am very happy to nominate Kaelyn Knotts as our virtual student of the month. She attends our meets daily and is eager to learn.  Kaelyn is a conscientious student who always wants to do well.  Remote learning has been hard on everyone and I am very proud of her.

Mrs. Keen room 134- I am very happy to nominate Annaliese Fleming as my February student of the month.  Annaliese is a hard working student, she comes to class everyday on time and ready to learn.  She is very attentive and contributes to class discussions. She is a pleasure to have in class. I am proud of her for doing such a great job with online learning!

Mrs. Zupancic

Congratulations to Brianna Brady for earning the honor of being our Student of the Month for February.  She is such a hard working 2nd grader!  She participates in the meets every day.  She is always prepared for class. She pays attention and completes her work.   Brianna is kind to her classmates and is always willing to take charge of her breakout room. She is a great example of a Hatton Hero!

Mrs. Espe

I am proud to announce Jacob Fiegly as our class Student of the Month.  Jacob was chosen for the effort he has put forth this year to make sure his work is turned in.  He also completes his IReady goals in reading and math every week, and completes his independent reading log every week.  He is always on time and ready to learn each day. Congratulations Jacob!

Ms. Price

I am excited to announce Michael Baumgartl as our student of the month. Michael has really stepped it up since the beginning of the school year. He gets all of his work done on time, which includes completing his iReady goals each week. He participates in class and is helpful to everyone. He really is a great student and we are fortunate to have him as our classmate. 

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