Writing with Mrs. Espe

Writing with Mrs. Espe
Posted on 12/02/2020
Check out the writing prompts from students in Mrs. Espe's third grade class.

I call my Mom and Dad and say ”HELP!” They grab a rope and rescue us. We got into our red, fast car. Dad starts the car and we drive away. I smile as the wind blows in my hair. I like the wind blowing. I’m thankful that my cousin’s ok. Gwen Auld

The slide takes us to Jurassic Park. There we get to see many dinosaurs. Our favorite is the blue raptor and the meat eating trex. The dinosaurs are our friends and like to play with us. We played tag and hide and seek. We had so much fun but had to leave because it was closing for the day and we had to get home for dinner.  Jacob Fiegly

After going down the slide it was a secret agency. There we found that we were agents. The boss came up to us and gave us an assignment to get rid of the terminator of turkeys. We went out searching to make sure we could get them and make our boss happy, After we found the person we tied him up and dragged him back to the agency to be put in jail for chasing all the turkeys. Grayson Austin

We slid down the slide very fast. At the end there were turkeys lined up. In  front of them was a KING TURKEY. He had something that looked like a bowl of gravy.

The gravy was on top of mashed potatoes. There was so much food on a table. The turkeys and the king turkey started to eat all of the food. After eating they all had yummy desserts. Diesel Charles

We notice that we are in a land with a barn. We  see 1000 Turkeys.  One of the turkeys says “Help, there is a Thanksgiving bash today and we are the food.”  

Another one of the turkeys said, “The only way to not be eaten is to be in a disguise, but we might be turkey- napped if we go into the store.” 

Me and my cousin can go to the store.” I said.

Here’s 1000 dollars, says one of the turkeys. 

Thanks! we say. 

At the store we buy all the costumes in the store. 

When we come back, one of the turkeys says, “There are going to be 10000 people at the bash.” 

We ordered all the pizzas at the pizza hut. Some of the turkeys go to the bash, and the other turkeys are pizza guys. And all the people and all the turkeys have yummy pizza. 

Me and my cousin woke up and we noticed this was a dream. We had the same dream.So me and my cousin walked home. The End 

Madelyn Ellinger

As me and my cousin started sliding down the steep slide. We noticed there was bubbling’ foggy heat waves coming up fast. My cousin screamed it's red !!!!!!!! I looked down and I thought it was lava.  It was bubbling bubble gum. We had to eat our way to freedom. Auna Ingersoll 

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