February Heroes of the Month

February Students (HEROES) of the Month
Posted on 02/02/2022
Student of the Month


Room 217 PROUDLY announces Terez Kelley as our February Student of the Month. Terez always completes his work on time. He is a great role model with his positive and respectful attitude. His quick wit can ease a tough situation. He is an absolute joy to have in our classroom. 

I am proud to announce that the Room 219 February Student of the Month is Heavenly Faust.  Heavenly comes to school each day with a positive attitude.  Heavenly always asks how others are and considers the feelings of her teachers and friends.  She asks questions when she needs help and tries her best.  She is respectful toward teachers and peers.  Heavenly is a joy to have in class and makes Hatton a great place to be! Congrats, Heavenly!-Mrs. Lance

Mrs. Maxwell’s student of the Month  for February is Isabella Lee.  Isabella is a hardworking student.  I can always count on her to stay on track and  to complete all of her assignments. She gives her best effort.  Isabella loves to read. She works hard to improve her reading. Isabella is talented at math.  She enjoys working through challenging problems. Isabella never quits!  She is kind and patient with her classmates.  Isabella comes to class happy and stays on task.  Room 208 is lucky to have such a kind, happy, hardworking girl in our classroom!

Mrs. Mitchell’s February Student of the Month is Xandra Howald! Xanny is responsible by coming to school regularly, participating in class and using her work time wisely to complete assignments on time. She is kind and helpful to her classmates and is a trustworthy student I can count on to help in the classroom. She enjoys reading very much and always has a book at hand if she finishes her work early. Congratulations to Xanny she is an asset to rooglad to work with her. 

The February student of the month for room 134 is Takyla Waller. Takyla shows responsibility by coming to school on time with her Chromebook charged, ready to learn each day. She always tries to do her best.  She shows respect by listening and following directions and being kind and caring toward her classmates and the staff. She is also helpful to others. She is safe by following the rules at school. She is a pleasure to have in our class and shows what a Hatton Hero is. Congratulations Takyla! Keep up the good work!

-Mrs. Keen 

I would like to nominate Taylor Fields as room 141’s student of the month. Taylor is an outstanding student. She gives her best effort on everything she does. She will solve a math problem and go back to double check her work. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand something. Taylor is a good friend to everyone in the class and leads by example. I can always count on her to follow the rules and keep all safety procedures in mind throughout the day. Her kindness is noticed by everyone in the class. Keep up the great work, Taylor!

-Mrs. Nelson

Congratulations to Chance Prather earning his spot as February’s Student of the Month! I am so proud of Chance and his ability to work, work, work. He does not give up! Chance is a friend to all and a lively member of class discussions. If you ever need a good joke, Chance always has one up his sleeve! Chance is getting himself ready for middle school and beyond. You are such  a great example of a true leader, Chance! We are so honored to have you as a part of our family!

~Mrs. Markovic


Room 138 is proud to say that the student of the month for February is Aiden Allison. This kid is kind, polite, hard working, friendly, responsible, respectful, and has determination. Aiden follows school rules, classroom rules, and is a good team member of our room. 

Keep up the good work, keep moving forward and keep Reading Aiden Allison. ……………..Mrs. Clifford

Chanze Edwards Jones is the Student of the Month in Room 137.  Chanze is a very polite and respectful student. He follows classroom rules, completes assignments, and participates in class.  He is a very kind and good friend to his classmates. Chanze is a Hatton Hero because he shows how responsible, respectful, and safe he is everyday! Keep up the good work, Chanze!

I would like to announce that room 140’s student of the month is Mitchell Kelley! Mitchell is the very first student in the classroom each morning and always has a positive and polite attitude about school, especially following our classroom rules! He works very hard, participates/asks questions and turns in all work on time! He especially goes above and beyond with his math work and I notice his determination! He is a friend to all and goes out of his way to help anyone in need! Mitchell is a true Hatton Hero whose kindness shines through each day! Room 140 is very lucky to have Mitchell as a part of the class! :)


Charles Starks is the Student of the Month in Room 220. Charles works hard every day. He is respectful, responsible, and kind to everyone. We are truly fortunate to have a student like Charles to represent our class. 

Mrs. Perge

Mrs. Hardman #128

I am happy to announce that Madelyn Bolt is our February Student of the Month! Madelyn is a sweet and caring student who always puts forth her best effort. She comes to school every day ready to learn. She uses good manners and kind words in class, too. She listens, follows directions, and is polite and respectful.  She is a Hatton Hero because she always makes good choices! She is “Responsible, Respectful, and Safe”! I am so proud of Madelyn...and so happy to have her in our class!

Room 127 is so happy to announce that Patricia Kuhn is our February Student of the Month. Patricia shows responsibility by coming to school every day with her chrome book charged. She comes to school  ready to learn and always tries her best. Patty shows respect by listening and following directions. Patty is also kind , caring and helpful to her classmates. She shows that she is  safe by  following classroom and school rules. We are so happy to have Patty in our class!

Mrs. Handel 

I am pleased to announce that Ellie Colbert is Room 135’s February Student of the Month!  Ellie does an outstanding job following the school and classroom rules.  She comes to school every day ready to learn new things and is a very quiet, hard worker!  She always tries her best and her work is always neat.  She is also a good friend to her classmates.  Ellie constantly shows us how to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe!  Congratulations Ellie!

Mrs. Mair

Anthony Gorslene is the February Student of the Month for Room 223.  Anthony is a very talented young man that brings his own spin to all he conquers.  Anthony is always the first to offer help or provide other students with a mask, pencil, or whatever they need.  I know Anthony’s talents along with his positive attitude will help Anthony be successful through Life.  


Mrs. Burley  #139

I am happy to congratulate Kinzlie Callum for being our February student of the month!  Kinzlie has a great attitude and always tries her best.  She comes to school every day ready to learn.  Kinzlie has good manners and uses kind words.  She listens, follows directions, and is polite and respectful.  I am very proud of Kinzlie and am happy that she is in our class.

We are happy to announce that Autym Walters is room #129’s February Student of the Month!!  Autumn is a very caring, sweet, helpful and hardworking student.  She comes to school with a smile on her face and she is always ready to learn.  She loves to be the helper in the classroom and will offer to help even before she is asked.  We love having Autym in my class and she demonstrates to all of us what a true Hatton Hero looks like.  Keep up the good work!

Love, Mrs. Covey 

I am happy to announce that Emma Vanek is Room 126 

 February Student of the Month.  Emma is very eager to learn, caring,  hardworking,  and respectful.  She is always willing to help another classmate out when needed.  Congratulations

Emma!!  I am so proud of you.  

 ~Mrs. Bregar

Annabelle Lewis is Room 210’s February student of the month.  Annabelle cares for her classmates, shows responsibility by completing her homework on time, and has taken it upon herself to label the books in our classroom library.  Annabelle also uses her talents to tutor other students.  She willl either help them in Iready, Math or in Benchmark.  Those are just a few of the reasons why Annabelle Lewis is our student of the month.  


I am happy to announce that Peyton Ferraro is room 209’s February Student of the Month! Peyton is a true Hatton Hero. She shows she is responsible by always completing her work, sometimes even early! She shows she is respectful because she always talks to people with kind words and follows directions. Peyton also shows she is safe by always keeping her area clean and by pushing her chair in. We are so happy to have Peyton in our class! Way to go Peyton!

-Ms. Lugenbeal 

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