November Heroes of the Month!

November Heroes of the Month!
Posted on 11/03/2021
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The student of the month for room 141 is Alexandria Ashby. Lexxi is kind to the other students and her teachers. She is participating more in class and adds to classroom discussions. She has grown so much since the start of the school year because she is taking charge of her learning and doing her best each day. Keep up the great work, Lexxi! You are a true Hatton Hero! 

Congratulations to Nevaeh Sowers for being the November Student of the Month for room 222. She is a delightful young person! Nevaeh is cheerful, helpful,  participates so thoughtfully in class discussions and is on task when given an assignment. She is a role model and comes to  school every day ready for the learning adventure! Well done Nevaeh!Mrs. Mitchell

Mrs. Maxwell’s student of the Month  for November is Orishia Kelley.  Orishia is a hardworking student.  I can always count on her to stay on track and  to complete all of her assignments. She gives her best effort.  She loves to read and learn new things.  Orishia is a great artist.   She is kind and patient with her classmates.  She comes to class happy and stays on task.  Room 208 is lucky to have such a kind, happy, hardworking girl in our classroom!

J’Movian Palmer is the student of the month in Room 223 for November.  J’Movian is a hard worker and always gets his work done.  He is kind to everyone and really shows what being a Hatton Hero is all about. We are so lucky to have J’Movian as part of our classroom community and know he will continue to give it his all to everything he does.  

Miss Bialota 

Timothy Hawkins is the November student of the month for room 134. Timothy is a responsible member of the Hatton community. He is a hard worker, he is eager to learn and to help others. He is kind and caring. He shows respect to others and is safe. Timothy is a great example of a Hatton Hero. Congratulations Timothy, keep up the good work!

-Mrs. Keen

Mrs. Hardman #128

I am happy to announce that Stella Singleton is our November Student of the Month! Stella has a wonderful positive attitude, and always puts forth her best effort.  She comes to school every day ready to learn. Stella uses good manners and kind words in class, too. She listens, follows directions, and is polite and respectful.  She is a Hatton Hero because she always makes good choices! I am so proud of Stella...and so happy to have her in our class!

The November Student of the Month in Room 126 is Logan Shepherd!  Logan is always so kind to his peers, cheerful, polite, respectful, and ready to learn each day.  

Congratulations Logan!!

~ Mrs.Bregar

I am so excited to announce that Abdul Abdeljawad is the student of the month for room 130. Abdul comes to school everyday in a great mood and ready to learn!  He is a great role model for other students in his class and always tries his best! Keep up the good work Abdul! 

Miss K 

I am excited to announce that the November Student of the Month for Room #219 is Londynn Hoffman! Londynn is an outstanding student and is a great example of a Hatton Hero.  Londynn is always respectful, responsible, and safe at school.  She is polite and participates in class everyday.  I am proud of Londynn and so glad she is part of Room #219 this year. 


Ms. Price’s student of the Month for November is Mason Coleman. Mason comes to school every day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He participates in class and is eager to learn. Mason will always help any classmate who needs it too. He is also very polite and gets all of his work done on time. We are fortunate to have Mason in room 217.

#209 Ms. Lugenbeal   

Room 209’s Student of the Month for November is...Devin Lloyd! Devin shows that he is a Hatton Hero by being respectful, responsible, and safe. Devin shows he is RESPECTFUL by using kind words when speaking to teachers and other students. He shows he is RESPONSIBLE when he gives his maximum effort on all school assignments. Finally, Devin shows he is SAFE by making sure his area is clean and his chair is pushed in. We're so lucky to have Devin in our class! Congratulations!


I am so happy to announce that Aubree Randall is room #127’s November Student of the Month. Aubree comes to school every day ready to learn. She is kind and helpful to all of her classmates. She listens, participates, and follows directions.Aubree is respectful, responsible and safe at school. We are so happy to have Aubree in our class! 

Mrs. Handel


I am here to announce my student of the month for room 138. 

I appreciate all my students. I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful students in my class. 

I Have chosen Grayson Singleton. He comes to school with a smile and positive attitude.He is kind to everyone!

Grayson is a hard worker, respectful worker,  a responsible worker and a smart worker. I love it when he takes the time to think about an answer, and then ….he is spot on with that answer! 

      He is a Hatton Hero in so many ways. 

Room 135’s November Student of the Month is Addison Rivers!  Addison comes to school every day with a positive attitude and a smile on her face.  She always tries her best and is a hard worker!  Addison is a good friend to her classmates and has the best manners.  Addison is also respectful, responsible and safe at all times!  Congratulations Addison!

Mrs. Mair

Mrs. Burley - Room 139

I would like to congratulate Sariniti Antoine for being Room 139’s November Student of the Month!  Sariniti is a polite and kind young lady.  She loves to help others in any way she can.  She comes to school ready to learn and does not give up.  Sariniti is a true Hatton Hero!

Mrs. Angelo- Room 137

Room 137’s November Student of the Month is Dalton Fleming!  Dalton is a very sweet and kind student.  He is a great friend to his classmates.  Dalton works hard and is ready to learn each day. He tries hard to be responsible, respectful, and safe each day!  Congratulations, Dalton!

I am so proud to announce that Landyn Baird is room 129’s November Student of the Month.  Landyn comes to school every day ready to learn. He is kind and helpful to all of his classmates. He listens, participates, and follows directions. Landyn is respectful, responsible and an all around great student!  What a true Hatton Hero!! We feel so lucky to have him in our class!!

Mrs. Perge Room 220

Isabella Hooks is the Room 220’s Student of the Month. Bella comes to school every day with a good attitude and ready to learn. She is respectful, responsible, and kind to others. I can count on Isabella to complete her work on time. She is willing to help others and does so with a smile. We are very proud of Isabella. She is a true Hatton Hero!

Room 210’s Student of the Month is Zoey Sojourner.

Zoey exemplifies a Hatton Hero by being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. Zoey is respectful to all adults and students here at Hatton CLC, as well as being kind and considerate. She always completes her class and homework assignments, as well as her IReady lessons. Everyday Zoey  comes to school with her Chromebook fully charged. Zoey shows us everyday how she handles responsibility. Finally, she practices safety every day, by walking in the hallways and on the stairs, wearing her mask correctly, and practicing safety on the internet. Room 210 is fortunate to have Zoey as part of our learning family.

Congratulations to the November Student of the Month from room 221, Lucas Myers! Lucas is such a hard worker who gives his best effort each and every day. He is a friend to all and tries to include his peers in class and recess. Lucas is a 5th grade leader who is striving to become the best middle schooler he can be! Way to go, Lucas. It is an honor to spend each day with you!

~Mrs. Markovic

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